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Program Director at & Also Music Director-Mix Coordinator Holyhiphop division at 105.5 FM The KING in Covington GA


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DJ Intangibles Top 10 Holy Hip Hop from "The Mustardseed Generation Mix Show" on 105.5 FM The KING

user image 2019-08-03
By: djintangibles
Posted in: Top 20 Holy Hip Hop

1. Lit Lit, Bizzle

2. Drippin, DJ Intangibles feat. Brotha Dre

3. Blessed Up, Wande

4. Fuego, Steven Malcolm

5. 2.0 , Lion or Lamb

6. Calvin Cofield

7. Rose Gold, Allan Love

8. Check Your Heart, John Crist

9. Devils Throat, BRM

10. Body, Marqus Anthony feat. D Reed, Brotha Dre

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